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We would encourage you to become a member if you want to come out more than once or twice. This brings you:

If you come out regularly you will have the chance to learn about our countryside and how it changes through the seasons. Many of the sites we go to are publicly accessible, while some are well off the beaten track, and are worth discovering. Over a year there are opportunities to acquire a range of traditional and new skills, from wielding a billhook to grappling with the latest fencing aids. Some of our members have gone on to have careers in nature conservation, and are still willing to support us. Finally, this is a good way of getting exercise without going to a gym.

If that's enough to get you to join, there are two membership rates:

Under 16s must have family membership with a responsible adult, and be accompanied by an adult on tasks.
16 and 17 year-olds may have individual membership if a responsible adult provides a name and signature.

A year's membership starts in April. If you join after December, your subscription includes the next year's membership. You can pay either by cheque or postal order, or by bank transfer.
To join us please fill in the Membership Form and return to our membership secretary by email or post.


If you are renewing by bank transfer, use the paying-in reference you were given and notify our Membership Secretary. If renewing by post, use the address on the Membership Form. In either case, please indicate if there are any changes in your membership details or write "No change" in your email or letter. We can claim Gift Aid on your membership and donation, as explained on the form. Please agree to this if possible.

Your Data

We aim to keep your data securely. You can change the way we communicate with you at any time. We do not pass your data onto any other parties. We may analyse data in order to better understand and manage the membership and the operation of the group. If you leave the group your membership details will be deleted within a year, or sooner at your request. Task report forms are used to record the names of volunteers who attend tasks, and since they are also the financial basis of the group, they may be kept for up to seven years.

Thank you.