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Future Events

Please book on with Karen Minett unless shown otherwise

October Location Grid Ref
Activity Info
7,8 Magdalen Hill Down
Car park near cemetery
near Winchester
SO21 1HE
Fence line clearance and path maintenance
14,15 Gull Coppice, Whiteley
near Fareham
PO15 7LA
Path widening to let more light in.
21,22 Shedfield Common
Prickett Hill, near Wickham

SO32 2JD
Scrub clearance
28,29 Ovington Water Meadows
Itchen Stoke Mill, Ovington,
near Alresford
SO24 0RA
Water meadow management

Please book on with Karen Minett unless shown otherwise

November Location Grid Ref
Activity Info
5 Deacon Hill
Chilcomb, near Winchester
Barn off lane to church
SO21 1HR
Scrub clearance
7 The Bridge
SO21 2BP
8pm. Committee Meeting at our northern venue. Arrive earlier for food or a chat. Committee meeting
11,12 Gull Coppice, Whiteley
near Fareham
PO15 7LA
Path widening to let more light in.
18,19 Foxbury Plantation
West Wellow
Blackhill Road car park
SO51 6AQ
Birch removal
25,26 Ancells Farm, near Cove, Farnborough
Park at Community Centre, Falkner Close
GU51 2XF
Birch and scrub clearance Optional residential

Most sites have a link for more details and directions.
Tasks may be on a Saturday or Sunday, or both, starting at 10am, and generally finishing at about 4pm.

Booking on

Please book on, stating:

She will book you onto the task and try to arrange a lift if you need one. Please try to book on, preferably by email, by the previous Thursday evening, as this helps us to run tasks efficiently. If necessary call Karen on 01256 211271.

Tasks sometimes change or are cancelled at short notice, so please check on the details when you book on. You can turn up without booking on, but it's a bit risky. If you would like more information, please call one of our regional contacts on the Home Page.

How to find us


The easiest way is to go to the site description page and use the link to Ordnance Survey OpenSpace maps. The meeting place should be at the pointy end of the yellow HCV flag. If you want to find other sites on the same map, refer to the grid reference display in the top right corner. Resolution is 6 digits (100m), increasing to 8 digits (10m) for larger scales.
OS Grid References shown above have two letters (usually SU for a place in Hampshire) and six numbers. You can use this in Streetmap or Ordnance Survey's Get-a-map by copying the grid reference into the search box. Streetmap is also useful for getting the nearest postcode by clicking on its coordinate converter. Note that Bing Maps (formerly Multimap) doesn't handle grid references.

Post codes are not a good means of navigation!

In most cases it is possible to give a postcode for use with a satnav, but experience shows that you will probably need to engage brain, read the instructions and look at a map as well! A postcode in italics is the nearest one found, and should be regarded as a rough guide only. Post codes were introduced to help with the automation of sorting mail. They were never intended to be a means of navigation to a car park in the New Forest.

Look out for our yellow signs. The actual work site is hardly ever at the meeting place, so try not to be late!


Support our village halls and struggling pubs by coming on a "resi"!

Residentials are usually at a village hall (VH) and are entirely optional. You can come for one day or both. See Essential Information for more details.

Changes to the programme shown in the newsletter are shown here in purple.

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Social events, in red, offer the chance to indulge in our favourite activities of eating, drinking, walking or grockling without the inconvenience of doing a task at the same time!


Publicity events are just that, hopefully ones which will attract potential members and keep our name in the spotlight. We normally have our display boards, a selection of fearsome and obscure tools, lots of leaflets and Froggie our mascot, if he's allowed out. Your assistance is welcome.